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Sa-wàt-dee Kaa~! (Post #3)

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** I know. So here you go, my overdue Phuket trip post #3! **

Day 3 (Phuket Island, Thailand : Visit Tone Pariwat Waterfall to do skinny dipping, water rafting, ride on all-terrain-vehicles (ATV ) and watch + feed monkey and baby elephant show)

I would rate our day 3 outing to be the most adventurous and the extreme fun one. The traveling distance was somehow shorter than the day before. Although it was pretty tiring traveling in a mini van all the way to Safari Island, Phang Nga.

The first thing we did when we arrived was, we jungle walk to Tone Pariwat Waterfall. The water was really really freezingly cold, and the most annoying part of this place is probably the tiny stones underneath the water. You can actually feel them literally poking on your feet as you walk on them. Come to think of it, I probably walk like a crooked-crab. Geez~

But honestly, it was an interesting discovery. Because to be ‘dipped’ in water which is that cold, is indeed my first time ever!

Nway, after that, the rest of the day was fun, fun, fun!

We checked-in our stuffs into the lockers and followed the ‘troops’ to collect our smelly safety-helmets and lifejackets. We were then being lectured or briefed on safety conducts by the person in charged of the water rafting sport. And then the ‘troops’ were divided into a groups of four for each inflatable raft (excluding two expert paddle guides from the company).

In this case, in my raft, there’s Hui Yong, Harry, Darrent and me.

The whole adventure was totally awesome. Two of our paddle guides are exceptionally good in what they do. We were ‘conned’ by both of them numerous times to look out for “Monkeys on the trees” (yea, it was lame, but we believed them..not once, not twice nor thrice; probably four times in a row!) when they purposely hit our raft towards the ferocious current. It takes us between rocks, around the precipitous corners and even tried to throw us sideways and off the raft!

We even splash water on paddlers in other rafts even though we don’t know them. It was all about the whooping, paddling and ducking that makes everything fun!

When we finally slowed down and head to the end-point, after few kilometres of water madness, we found ourselves extremely hungry. Some of us went to clean-up ourselves and later on joined the crowd for lunch buffet before heading to the all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) base.

When we finally arrived at the Island Safari, Phang Nga, we waited quite a while for our round onthe ATV ride. As soon the earlier batch finishes their rounds, we had a 5 mins brief and was then head on for the one-hour ride for sightseeing – mostly on local people’s lifestyle, plantation and harmless animals and birds along the dusty, rocky, sandy roadway.

In between the ride, unlucky for Lek Hong, his ATV broke-down and he had to hitch on Darrent’s ATV. And to be honest, my ATV was giving me a big time headache as well. The engine would just go off while I’m still riding on it (now don’t you try to think of anything lame here). And my ATV engine was so hot, I thought it’ll almost explode anytime if I were to press harder on its accelerator switch =P

Okay, I should probably stop dramatising now. But I’m not joking either 😛

Not much pictures was taken during this day 3 trip as most of the activities we ventured on does not permit us to carry our cameras along.

It’s been quite a day and judging by the snoozes from the group in the van while we’re on the way back to hotel; and plus we were unluckily trapped with 3 new-found friends who can’t stop yapping behind our ears; it’s been a pleasantly tiring one.

But still, as soon as we reach our hotel lobby, that didn’t stop us from going to Patong beach to play “whoosh-off” by the sea-waves. So, some of us took a walk to Patong beach just few minutes right before the sun sets.

We’ve seen so much that it’s now down to the camera to do some visual explaining =)

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Sa-wàt-dee Kaa~! (Post #2)

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*Updated some pictures in Sa-wàt-dee Kaa~! (Post #1)*

To Recap

After our dinner at Restaurant # 1, we strolled along the infamous Bangla road. You’ll noticed a total transformation from what it looked like in day time. A very different atmosphere all together. There are number of pubs with hundreds of people from all over the world and you’ll get to see a lot of Ts and As. It is, indeed, the most happening street ever in Phuket island (or so I think it is).

As we were ‘sibuk-ing’ taking pictures and ‘WAH-ing’ the street performers demonstrating their lil ‘magic tricks’ and ‘OO-lala-ing’ Agogo pole-dancing on the stage from far, we bumped into these two lil adorable babies. It was, as if, the lil girl was trying to ‘Woo’ the lil boy-in-pram =P No joke. They were soOo CUTE!

After the ‘OMG, you two are so adorable!’ and ‘Say Cheese!’ sessions, we head on to Dolphin World Massage Centre for Thai massage. It was only 200 Baht for one hour! So I went ahead for it with the others, and mind you, that was my first time getting a massage (yea, like after my twenty-plus-years of life …loser huh?). I must say, I enjoyed it a lot! It was ticklish at first, then turned sore-ful, but, very NiCE.


Day 2 (Phuket Island, Thailand <–> [Phang Nga Island] Ao Po Pier <–> Panak Island <–> James Bond Island <–> Hong Island <–> Lawa Island <–> [Naka Island] Ao Po Pier)

We got up early in the morning and had our breakfast at the hotel’s cafe. And the tour group driver picked us up at 7:30am (blardy early isn’t it? I remember I was still half asleep) from our hotel and took us to Ao Po pier. We boarded on the high-speed craft (HSC) half an hour later and head straight to small lil islands around Phang Nga. The service was OK, light snacks, fruits and non-alcoholic drinks included, and they sell Singha beers as well.

Day 2 - Island Hopping Map

As you can see on the map-picture, our first stop was at Panak island (and it took us a blardy long ride to finally reach the island) where our ‘tour boat-guide’ gave safety instructions to everyone. We were then guided to canoe in and around the caves and lagoons of Koh Panak for sightseeing. It sounded a lil dodgy to canoe on our own, so none of us in our group did the the actual paddling; we had our own Thai canoe guy to do it all for us (yea, we’re lazy bunch =P). Two people to a canoe and a Thai guide, we paddled through the Bat cave (and I saw BATs!! It’s black in color! … duh~), Mangrove cave (where you’ll see mud skippers and a family of monkeys, if you’re lucky), and even saw rocks (in the cave) which looks like glittering and sparkly shiny ‘diamonds’ in them when you flash your torch light towards it! The colour of the water was amazing, very blue/green and the caves and the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. Also, the ‘kayaking’ session was so peaceful and tranquil and awe-inspiring. It was just amazing.

Then our second stop was at James Bond Island, which was originally and locally known as Khao Phing Kan, found fame through the Bond film, “The Man with the Golden Gun”, in 1974. The film starred Roger Moore and Christopher Lee (as the three nippled arch-villain Scaramanga) but it was the scenic topography that helped make the film into a firm Bond favourite. It also turned the previously unknown Phang Nga Bay into a major tourist attraction. We were (or rather I was) excited about the island and eagerly wanting to see the ice-cream-cone-shaped-look-a-like pinnacle where the famous “Bond” once stepped foot on.  It was packed with market stalls in middle on the beach selling corals-made-necklaces, bracelets, hats, beach wears, snacks etc. The minute we got there and stepped foot on the island, it started to drizzle for a good couple of minutes and when it finally ceased down, we went strolling around the island. And because only small amount of rain fell, the temperature at the island was extremely humid! Despite that, we managed to take photos. I was glad. Otherwise, I’ll probably be cursing and swearing all the way… =P

Us at James Bond Island (minus-ing Harry..no, not Potter, but Peh and Chau Hua)

We boarded on our rather-old-looking HSC to head to Hong Island and Lawa Island. On the boat, we had buffet lunch provided by our tour guide. The food was OK and there isn’t much to complain about it. If I remembered correctly, we had Tom Yum Kung, Thai-style fried fish, some fried vegetables and pineapples, fried chicken drumsticks,  kebabs etc. After lunch, we stopped for a swim and for those who wanted to canoe while on our way back to Ao Po pier (then to Phuket island). Most of us went for a swim and most of them wore life jacket. I remember I was happily telling Darrent that I do not need a life jacket because I know how to swim. So there I was, happily showing off my cacated-swimming skills, trying to swim from where the boat landed and anchored, to the shore. And this is the interesting part – I nearly drowned and died in Andaman sea.


When I half way through swimming in the “ocean”, I kinda ran out of breath =P It’s not like I was choke or something, I guess I was just being nervous. Deep blue (not very blue) sea wei~! What do you expect?!

Well, I guess the reason why I was paranoid for a while there is because I haven’t been going for swimming over the years and I guess I wasn’t ready for it that time. LOLz. I’m glad that I’m still alive and can still blog about my stupidity and laugh about it.

Yea, OK, now you can stop laughing. Thank you.

Then we spent about half-an-hour or so, swimming and showing off our swimming skills while other tourists in the tour group canoeing before heading back on our boat.

That evening , after we got back from our first-day-island-hopping tour, we had a quick shower in the hotel, then went looking (all over) up and down for Restaurant 99 to have our dinner. Some of us in the group apparently saw the restaurant was crowded with people (when we passed the stretch of road on the first day of our arrival in Phuket island) and thought the food there might be good and affordable – I mean that would, logically be the reason why it is flooded with people, right? I mean, Right?? (Hmm… come to think of it now, they are probably the unfortunate-conned-victims – just like how we ended like it).

Back to the Restaurant 99-hunting-part, we didn’t mind paying a lil extra for food that evening (since Restaurant 99 serve seafood as well); everyone seems to be ready for the gluttony fiesta! =D Besides that, we wanted to have something ‘fishy’ that day because it was Fooi Think’s birthday. We were all kinda prepared, so to speak, to spent.

So, when we finally found the place (after 1-hour search I believe), we plunged-in, sat our ass on the designated sits and quickly ordered our food (we were all like hungry ghost) . The dishes was served quite slowly, and we waited for like, hours before the waiters served us our white rice! We had to asked again and again for our rice. All of us got really annoyed and nearly gang-up with those N.O.O.B. waiters and waitresses who served us there. But of course we didn’t. We are civilised people, so, we “played” it differently =P So anyway, our rice FINALLY came to us like almost 100-years late, we gobbled on everything we had on the table. Really, like as if we’ve never eaten for centuries =P

So, after we have happily ate like a horse, we found something really disgusting in the bucket of ice cubes we ordered for our coconut drink.

What we found, you asked?

Well, a gawd-damn soaky-wet tissue paper!

We have no idea if it’s contaminated and trust me, we don’t even want to find out if it is! GOSH. We only realised it was soaking in the aluminium pail when we were  finished the whole bucket of ice. It totally grossed us out and we immediately stopped drinking and eating or even touch anything on the table. Hah! It was that horrible. Go see it, in the auto-slides attached below, for yourself .

(I feel like barfing to even just think of it now…geez!)

After our unsatisfying dinner-disaster, we went for food hunting again and bought my all-time-favorite banana-coconut-chocolate pancake! Sigh…heavenly yummy~ After that, we do some more shopping at the 100Baht per T-shirt shop and then head back to hotel to ZzZz *pig-snores* =D

It was a long day for all of us and we were all exhausted. No doubt.

I’d say the overall day 2 trip was quite interesting. Don’t you think? Especially the part where I nearly drowned (totally ignoring the tissue-in-the-ice-bucket-drama). At least I think it’s not something you get to do very often. ROFL.

Here’s the pixies of our Day 2 trip:

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As usual, stay tuned for my Day 3 post! =)


Sa-wàt-dee Kaa~! (Post #1)

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It has been two weeks since I got back from Phuket. So I thought I should blog something about it today.

I have recently joined a group of 11 ‘crazy-bf’s-friends’ to travel to Phuket, Thailand, for a five days four nights trip. I must say, it has been the most exciting yet burning-hot & semi-adventurous trip I’ve ever been to so far.

Day 1 (from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia <–> Phuket, Thailand)

We left home at about 5:45am to LCCT and board on our flight at 7:30am. Everyone got very excited when we finally made our stop at Phuket International Airport later in the morning.

However, the journey from the airport to our C & N hotel near Patong beach was a dragging one. Everyone actually fell asleep in the (hotel) van. But when we were approaching the stretch of Rat-U-Thit Song Roi Pee road, a few of us woke up and spotted on quite a number of restaurants…for our dinner galore in the evening. When it comes to food, no one could resist huh? Lol!

OK, I don’t think I should get too excited over this food-section as yet, so back to the part where we were approaching our hotel; we practically had a shock (well, to me, more like an ‘electric’ shock) when we saw the condition of ‘our’ hotel we booked online (just weeks before we depart to Phuket).

You see, this is the thing about purchasing/making orders via internet/online, you (or rather we) will never know the exact condition of the particular product or for this instance, our hotel in Phuket. We could only rely on photos and perhaps, reviews written by other ‘been-there-before-occupant’. And because of the tech-ie cameras all of us have these days, to deceive one’s eyes, is not a hard thing to do, don’t you think? So yeah, based on the affordable price rate per room per night we saw on the website, we had decided to booked our four nights stay at C&N Hotel (nope, not the resort, but the hotel).

Well, pardon me for the drama and lengthy description about online transactions, I was just making a point there. Honestly, the condition of the hotel was not bad at all on the inside. It has a rather clean lobby, comfortable room (but with crappy TV channels I would say … mostly in translated into Thai language), average cafe service from the waitresses but the food was OK. Like I said, it was a rather comfortable-stay.

So “What’s up with that ‘shock’?” you say?

I think it’s best you have a look at it …

See that cluttered/jumbled/jammed-up electric wires along the road? It’s indeed very near to the building where we were staying. Scary isn’t it?

That was why I got a “shock” to see the condition of the place where we stayed for four nights.  It was even scarier now to recall what we heard (electrocuting-sound) that night when we walk pass one of the electric post =P

Anyway, on the first day when we got there, we had our own activities after our quite-tasty lunch at the restaurant right opposite of our hotel. Couples were seen dating around Patong beach and at Jungceylon shopping mall as well as at the infamous Bangla road in Phuket island. We went out in a group of two and soon got separated into a group of … I really dunno.

A mini group of six of us departed from our hotel (the other five people left the hotel earlier to make bookings for our three-days outdoor activities which costs around 3,000 Baht per person. Just after a few minutes walk, I could feel the heat from top (the sun shining brightly) and bottom (the road). So, we made our first stop at Jungceylon shopping mall. If you fancy Thai crafts and culture-related stuffs, I’d suggest you to drop by to have a look. Loads of variety in here. Eventually, Darrent and I got splitted with the other members of the group because we were busy camwhoring…

Then after a round of window-shopping and one camera-whoring session =P, we head out and walk further down along Rat-U-Thit Song Roi Pee road to do some window-shopping (again) cum price-surveying-shopping. Later on, we went to Patong beach to take a few hot and sunny beach-scenery pictures.

We hang around for a couple of minutes to an hour and soon found ourselves super-dehydrated, so we went to Thai McDonalds and ordered a set of Samurai Thai burger. It comes with a Large soft drink – Coke  (where I remember gulping it like there’s no tomorrow) and french fries. My verdict? The pork meat tasted a lil porky which is not so much of my liking and the chilli sauce is so … weirdly-different from ours. But it was cool tho. Well, despite that, I ate ‘Samurai’ twice (or was it thrice?) when I was in Phuket. Hahaha. I guess I was just so fond of the fact that  McD Thailand serves pork burger … and you don’t get to even see that in Malaysia very often. No, I should say, At all.

Comparing this McD’s Samurai Pork Burger in Phuket, Thailand with the hot steamy pork bun I had in one of the stalls at Macao back in 2008 , I still prefer the one in Macao. Real authentic pork bun minus-ing the porky smell =)

Back to the beach, the weather was extremely humid and even my sweet-pinky-fan didn’t help cooling me down much. The sun was burning my skin that afternoon. I immediately got sun burnt – in the same square-neck-shape as my lil dress I wore that day. Damn.

Anyway, everyone was kinda exhausted after the sunny-city-explore , we decided to check-into our hotel rooms and recharge our ‘batteries’.

As dusk approaches, the ‘crazy-bf’s-friends’ and I began to emerge, and of course, like hungry wolves, we were ready to eat. We went for food hunting and have successfully set our target at Restaurant Number 1; just right across the road (from our hotel). The food we had turned out OK. Not so much on the Tom Yum Kung but I like that green curry chicken!

Hmm … I’m missing you, Green Curry Chicken @@”

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Come back soon to see Day 2 post =)

Sunset at Bagan Lalang, Sepang Gold Coast

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This year’s Merdeka celebration was the fun-nest and most memorable one for me. Not only because I get to travel out of the city, I also get to celebrate and enjoy my National Holi-day with my … other half  =)

*blush + shy giggling*

A night before Merdeka day itself was a spectacular one. Darr and me met up with my ex-colleagues from Reed Business (E-Guide) and we went for karaoke session at Neway, 1 Utama to sort of celebrate @Patrick Ang‘s belated birthday (which I only found out later when the other bunch gave him birthday present. Sorry, Pat! No birthday present for you =P).

We had the package where buffet dinner was included as well. The food ain’t great (seriously) and we had to walk/climb up and down (the stairs) from first floor to ground floor for our food. That totally spoiled the eating-mood!

To sorta make up the yucky dinner we had the day before, Darr made me brunch on Tuesday afternoon *love sigh*. He cooked a pot of Korean spicy instant-noodle which was served with two fried cheese sausages, one fried egg and a slice of round-shape luncheon meat to go with it. Also, he also inserted some fresh Chinese brussels sprout in it … simply yummily-delicious!

The best I’ve ever had

Later that evening, he took to me out to a beach-side, about an hour drive from Banting to Bagan Lalang, Sepang Gold Coast to watch sun set. How romantic, isn’t it?? (this is the part where you must nod your head).

Me thinks so too *another love sigh*

Well, knowing both of us, the pro-photographer-wannabes, we carried our cameras along … soon, the romantico-sun-set-journey turns into sunny-sweaty-sunset + beach-photo-snapping session. </3

Although I fell sick two days later (after the few hours trip to Bagan Lalang), I must say, I did enjoyed myself nevertheless. Well, minus-ing the beach-insects bite, the hot and humid sun shining brightly on me, and the sweaty-sticky feeling of “after-sun-burning-my-boobies+ass-effect”  =P   xD

Anyway, back to this trip, Darrent had his DSLR that day, a Canon EOS 550D while I carried my Olympus White PEN EP-1. We were there about 5 PM-ish and was waiting for the sun to set till about 7 PM odd. It has the beautiful scenery, no doubt, but we thought Morib has the better ‘sunset’ =D

The following collection of images was taken during out visit in August 31st of 2010. Please feel free to click-click, see-see and comment!

Lil Two ❤ Birds Getaway

>> Bagan Lalang in Brief

Bagan Lalang is a picturesque seaside village off the Malacca Straits. There, you could see palm trees sway in the breeze and the sun sets in the horizon, behind the waves. There is a jetty where the fishermen dock their boats and unload their daily catch. It is not surprising that its waters are polluted. That being said, it is no bolt from the blue that Bagan Lalang boasts some of the best seafood dishes – and so they say … I’ve never tried it myself. During the days, though, the restaurants are mostly closed. They are on operations late in the afternoon, and stay open until early morning.

The beach stretch for kilometers, and about 25 acres of the area along the beach has been developed to give a splendid touring experience to visitors at Bagan Lalang.

I don’t think anyone, especially Kuala Lumpurians would believe me that the beaches off our state of Selangor has anything to offer, but I beg to differ. Of course you would have to be at the right place and the right time to catch the spectacular sunset that we saw, and I can’t guarantee that you will. But hey, you’ll never know if you never go, right? =)

We were so happy and excited, we even left our sandy-foot-print there~!! Yes, with our nicks as well =D

I gotta get back in scratching my legs and arms (the insect bites….remember?)

Toods~! ^^

Must Have For Beach Vacation

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I’m going for a beach vacation next month so I thought why not blog about the essential things (not limited to just these ‘must have’ items) I  should take note of  since I’m gonna be expose to massive sun-burn.

I guess the most important thing to take care of when one is heading out to the beach for a vacation is to be very careful about protecting our skin from the sun. I’m sure all of us have heard of Melanomas (skin cancer) and it is regrettably at epidemic levels. Fortunately, we all know much more now about the protection and prevention to this disease, as well as premature skin aging and other skin related disorders.

Hence to make a beach outing or beach vacation safe and fun, I would need good sun-block lotions!

According to the research, the most intense sun hours are between 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon as the sun is directly overhead. That’s why, when we are choosing for sun-block lotions, it should at the very least have Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating of 15 (though some recent clinical experiments have shown sun-block with an SPF rating of 30 provides significantly better protection than those with an SPF rating of 15. I would have to use my own discretion on this one).

Also, when choosing a sun-block lotion, make sure that it should provide a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB blocking agents. It should also be applied frequently, no longer than every two hours to keep our skin protected.  Lip balms with higher SPF ratings can be used to protect our lips as well.  Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide products protect by acting as physical barriers to UV radiation, and work especially well for sensitive skin (ask-me-not about this zinc-kie and oxide products, because I have zero knowledge on this one. Gotta do some googling yourself).

Whereas, lightweight protective clothing that blocks the skin from sun damage is available for additional protection.  So far, there aren’t any sun-block products that could completely block all wavelengths of UV light; therefore, comfortable clothing, broad brimmed hats, and limiting our exposure during the intense sun hours are additional measures that I or you or we can take.  We may forget to apply skin products at times, but the skin never forgets a burn.

Sunglasses are pretty much a must have for a beach vacation too.  Not only will they help to protect my eyes, I can look stylish while I’m there.  Although a folding beach chair with a beach umbrella will help me to slip right into my comfort zone once I’m settled in on the beach vacation, I guess it might not be the best idea for me for this particular trip. I’d say a quick alternative to a folding chair, is the old standby of a large towel to stretch out on, and I’ll never (hopefully) forget the book!

And of course I would not be on my beach vacation without my camera.  It is an essential part of my outing to capture those memories =)

Also, they say we must (and will probably do so) need to drink plenty of water to keep ourselves hydrated. Not forgetting to bring along a simple first aid kit on hand (which is a good idea), and some aloe based skin lotion for ‘after being in the sun’ would be good to use.

The Overall Checklist:-

  • Sunblock with an SPF 30 or greater
  • Lip balm
  • Broad brimmed hat
  • Lightweight clothing
  • Zinc oxide for the nose and lips
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels
  • A good book
  • Camera
  • A zip-lock back / something to collect shells in
  • Water
  • First aid kit
  • Aloe skin lotion for later (after sun-burn)

Fun, fun, fun on the beach!

Ooh la la~


The 2010’s Phuket Trip

In Travelings on July 27, 2010 at 9:00 am

It’s definitely On.

Dahling bought us a pair of two-way-ticket to Phuket, Thailand this September. Sigh. No, I’m not Not happy. I’m too excited! And I can’t wait any longer~! It almost feels like it’s September tomorrow =D (That’s a big bullshit, ain’t it?)

Seriously, I am very excited. We’ll be going with a bunch of friends and out of ten of them, all ten are dahling’s buddies =D What a coincidence!

*Glare at myself*

I’m sure we’ll have a blast on Phuket island … I am just as crazy as them. It’s gonna be fun, fun, fun! We will be fun-ning, won’t we? I mean, it is suppose to be fun and crazy (I’ve repeated “fun” so many many times in the same paragraph. Bad Kelly, bad.)

I can’t imagine the contra though; like after the trip, all that we could remember about it is just ‘dead silence’ *crickets sound playing in the background* (can you?) That would be absolutely horrific!

Anyways, I have made a list of the places I wanna visit during our trip in Phuket with the gang. Some of which includes strolling along the beach, Phuket town, Temples, Bangla road (for both shopping and night life), Snorkeling in Phi Phi Islands, Jungle Safari in Khao Sok National Park (can “ride” on elephant-leh), Sea Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay, Romantic Sunset Cruise + Dinner by Ayodhaya in Phang Nga Bay, Snorkeling in Coral Island, Scuba Diving in Similan Islands, Patong beach (for its shopping and nightlife too).

Also, when I’m there, I wanna try the top 10 local foods in Phuket. That’ll be the Tom Yam Goong, Pad Thai, Kuay Tiew (noodle soup), Som Tam (spicy papaya salad), Gai Med Ma Moung (Chicken Cashew Nuts), Kang Kheaw Whan Gai (Green curry chicken), Tom Kha Gai (boiled galangal chicken soup), Kao Phad (Fried rice), Massaman Curry, Khai Man Gai (chicken rice) .. and much much more actually =D

I’m so greedy~

But then, given the amount of time we’ll have in Phuket, I doubt we could visit all these places and taste all the above foodie. Oh well~

Will try my best to do so and do review! =D

I’m just so glad that I can keep my cameras occupied during my coming-soon trip! Teeheehee~