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Howdy World~!

In Kellino on July 1, 2010 at 2:00 am

Hi there!

Thanks for taking precious time out of your day to stop by my blog. I’m kinda new to WordPress.  Its features and everything in here (the buttons, the widgets, the themes etc.) are really confusing me. Like alot!

Putting that aside, I should probably do a quick introduction of myself (I’ll try).

Well, I’m just an ordinary girl-next-door who is totally obsessed with Photography, Art, Fashion, Gadget, Traveling, Music, and Food (of course)!

I’ll be sharing loads and LOADS of photos (and craps) with you (but it is all copyright-ed to me, OK?).  From time to time, this blog might just turn into a photo-blog, which means there is gonna be some word-less posts.

You see, I love taking photographs of … everything and anything (that are interesting or not interesting). This is sort of my passion. I wouldn’t say that I am good with camera gadgets and its functions but hey, at least I’ve got it working right and its serving me its purpose of ‘living’! So, back to the photo-sharing session(s), all my pictures or photos will be/are taken with either my Oly White PEN E-P1 or/and Canon EOS-550D or/and Sony Cybershot DSC-T100 or/and Samsung Omnia II i8000.

I have always (and I meant ALWAYS) dreamt of being a ‘big cheese’ of some-sort. Not like an actress (because being a local starlet here doesn’t bring me anywhere) or a singer (although I could actually ‘sing’). Instead, a recognisable ‘influencer of my own kind’ – whatever that’s suppose to mean.

And so, I thought being a (self-claim WOW) blogger (or to some of you, a writer) would be a good start. It does work, I believe. It’s just that I’ve never started on being one. Writer, I mean. It’s just a dream of mine which, over the years, still remains the same. DreamS.

But today, this enthusiasm just pop-out of nowhere. My brain can’t stop forming phrases to sentences and my itchified fingers eagerly taps on the keyboard; so, here I am crapping and humiliating myself to you =)

I hope you enjoy-ed it.