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Sa-wàt-dee Kaa~! (Post #3)

In Travelings on December 13, 2010 at 5:02 pm

** I know. So here you go, my overdue Phuket trip post #3! **

Day 3 (Phuket Island, Thailand : Visit Tone Pariwat Waterfall to do skinny dipping, water rafting, ride on all-terrain-vehicles (ATV ) and watch + feed monkey and baby elephant show)

I would rate our day 3 outing to be the most adventurous and the extreme fun one. The traveling distance was somehow shorter than the day before. Although it was pretty tiring traveling in a mini van all the way to Safari Island, Phang Nga.

The first thing we did when we arrived was, we jungle walk to Tone Pariwat Waterfall. The water was really really freezingly cold, and the most annoying part of this place is probably the tiny stones underneath the water. You can actually feel them literally poking on your feet as you walk on them. Come to think of it, I probably walk like a crooked-crab. Geez~

But honestly, it was an interesting discovery. Because to be ‘dipped’ in water which is that cold, is indeed my first time ever!

Nway, after that, the rest of the day was fun, fun, fun!

We checked-in our stuffs into the lockers and followed the ‘troops’ to collect our smelly safety-helmets and lifejackets. We were then being lectured or briefed on safety conducts by the person in charged of the water rafting sport. And then the ‘troops’ were divided into a groups of four for each inflatable raft (excluding two expert paddle guides from the company).

In this case, in my raft, there’s Hui Yong, Harry, Darrent and me.

The whole adventure was totally awesome. Two of our paddle guides are exceptionally good in what they do. We were ‘conned’ by both of them numerous times to look out for “Monkeys on the trees” (yea, it was lame, but we believed them..not once, not twice nor thrice; probably four times in a row!) when they purposely hit our raft towards the ferocious current. It takes us between rocks, around the precipitous corners and even tried to throw us sideways and off the raft!

We even splash water on paddlers in other rafts even though we don’t know them. It was all about the whooping, paddling and ducking that makes everything fun!

When we finally slowed down and head to the end-point, after few kilometres of water madness, we found ourselves extremely hungry. Some of us went to clean-up ourselves and later on joined the crowd for lunch buffet before heading to the all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) base.

When we finally arrived at the Island Safari, Phang Nga, we waited quite a while for our round onthe ATV ride. As soon the earlier batch finishes their rounds, we had a 5 mins brief and was then head on for the one-hour ride for sightseeing – mostly on local people’s lifestyle, plantation and harmless animals and birds along the dusty, rocky, sandy roadway.

In between the ride, unlucky for Lek Hong, his ATV broke-down and he had to hitch on Darrent’s ATV. And to be honest, my ATV was giving me a big time headache as well. The engine would just go off while I’m still riding on it (now don’t you try to think of anything lame here). And my ATV engine was so hot, I thought it’ll almost explode anytime if I were to press harder on its accelerator switch =P

Okay, I should probably stop dramatising now. But I’m not joking either 😛

Not much pictures was taken during this day 3 trip as most of the activities we ventured on does not permit us to carry our cameras along.

It’s been quite a day and judging by the snoozes from the group in the van while we’re on the way back to hotel; and plus we were unluckily trapped with 3 new-found friends who can’t stop yapping behind our ears; it’s been a pleasantly tiring one.

But still, as soon as we reach our hotel lobby, that didn’t stop us from going to Patong beach to play “whoosh-off” by the sea-waves. So, some of us took a walk to Patong beach just few minutes right before the sun sets.

We’ve seen so much that it’s now down to the camera to do some visual explaining =)

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