Sa-wàt-dee Kaa~! (Post #2)

In Travelings on October 22, 2010 at 1:30 pm

*Updated some pictures in Sa-wàt-dee Kaa~! (Post #1)*

To Recap

After our dinner at Restaurant # 1, we strolled along the infamous Bangla road. You’ll noticed a total transformation from what it looked like in day time. A very different atmosphere all together. There are number of pubs with hundreds of people from all over the world and you’ll get to see a lot of Ts and As. It is, indeed, the most happening street ever in Phuket island (or so I think it is).

As we were ‘sibuk-ing’ taking pictures and ‘WAH-ing’ the street performers demonstrating their lil ‘magic tricks’ and ‘OO-lala-ing’ Agogo pole-dancing on the stage from far, we bumped into these two lil adorable babies. It was, as if, the lil girl was trying to ‘Woo’ the lil boy-in-pram =P No joke. They were soOo CUTE!

After the ‘OMG, you two are so adorable!’ and ‘Say Cheese!’ sessions, we head on to Dolphin World Massage Centre for Thai massage. It was only 200 Baht for one hour! So I went ahead for it with the others, and mind you, that was my first time getting a massage (yea, like after my twenty-plus-years of life …loser huh?). I must say, I enjoyed it a lot! It was ticklish at first, then turned sore-ful, but, very NiCE.


Day 2 (Phuket Island, Thailand <–> [Phang Nga Island] Ao Po Pier <–> Panak Island <–> James Bond Island <–> Hong Island <–> Lawa Island <–> [Naka Island] Ao Po Pier)

We got up early in the morning and had our breakfast at the hotel’s cafe. And the tour group driver picked us up at 7:30am (blardy early isn’t it? I remember I was still half asleep) from our hotel and took us to Ao Po pier. We boarded on the high-speed craft (HSC) half an hour later and head straight to small lil islands around Phang Nga. The service was OK, light snacks, fruits and non-alcoholic drinks included, and they sell Singha beers as well.

Day 2 - Island Hopping Map

As you can see on the map-picture, our first stop was at Panak island (and it took us a blardy long ride to finally reach the island) where our ‘tour boat-guide’ gave safety instructions to everyone. We were then guided to canoe in and around the caves and lagoons of Koh Panak for sightseeing. It sounded a lil dodgy to canoe on our own, so none of us in our group did the the actual paddling; we had our own Thai canoe guy to do it all for us (yea, we’re lazy bunch =P). Two people to a canoe and a Thai guide, we paddled through the Bat cave (and I saw BATs!! It’s black in color! … duh~), Mangrove cave (where you’ll see mud skippers and a family of monkeys, if you’re lucky), and even saw rocks (in the cave) which looks like glittering and sparkly shiny ‘diamonds’ in them when you flash your torch light towards it! The colour of the water was amazing, very blue/green and the caves and the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. Also, the ‘kayaking’ session was so peaceful and tranquil and awe-inspiring. It was just amazing.

Then our second stop was at James Bond Island, which was originally and locally known as Khao Phing Kan, found fame through the Bond film, “The Man with the Golden Gun”, in 1974. The film starred Roger Moore and Christopher Lee (as the three nippled arch-villain Scaramanga) but it was the scenic topography that helped make the film into a firm Bond favourite. It also turned the previously unknown Phang Nga Bay into a major tourist attraction. We were (or rather I was) excited about the island and eagerly wanting to see the ice-cream-cone-shaped-look-a-like pinnacle where the famous “Bond” once stepped foot on.  It was packed with market stalls in middle on the beach selling corals-made-necklaces, bracelets, hats, beach wears, snacks etc. The minute we got there and stepped foot on the island, it started to drizzle for a good couple of minutes and when it finally ceased down, we went strolling around the island. And because only small amount of rain fell, the temperature at the island was extremely humid! Despite that, we managed to take photos. I was glad. Otherwise, I’ll probably be cursing and swearing all the way… =P

Us at James Bond Island (minus-ing Harry..no, not Potter, but Peh and Chau Hua)

We boarded on our rather-old-looking HSC to head to Hong Island and Lawa Island. On the boat, we had buffet lunch provided by our tour guide. The food was OK and there isn’t much to complain about it. If I remembered correctly, we had Tom Yum Kung, Thai-style fried fish, some fried vegetables and pineapples, fried chicken drumsticks,  kebabs etc. After lunch, we stopped for a swim and for those who wanted to canoe while on our way back to Ao Po pier (then to Phuket island). Most of us went for a swim and most of them wore life jacket. I remember I was happily telling Darrent that I do not need a life jacket because I know how to swim. So there I was, happily showing off my cacated-swimming skills, trying to swim from where the boat landed and anchored, to the shore. And this is the interesting part – I nearly drowned and died in Andaman sea.


When I half way through swimming in the “ocean”, I kinda ran out of breath =P It’s not like I was choke or something, I guess I was just being nervous. Deep blue (not very blue) sea wei~! What do you expect?!

Well, I guess the reason why I was paranoid for a while there is because I haven’t been going for swimming over the years and I guess I wasn’t ready for it that time. LOLz. I’m glad that I’m still alive and can still blog about my stupidity and laugh about it.

Yea, OK, now you can stop laughing. Thank you.

Then we spent about half-an-hour or so, swimming and showing off our swimming skills while other tourists in the tour group canoeing before heading back on our boat.

That evening , after we got back from our first-day-island-hopping tour, we had a quick shower in the hotel, then went looking (all over) up and down for Restaurant 99 to have our dinner. Some of us in the group apparently saw the restaurant was crowded with people (when we passed the stretch of road on the first day of our arrival in Phuket island) and thought the food there might be good and affordable – I mean that would, logically be the reason why it is flooded with people, right? I mean, Right?? (Hmm… come to think of it now, they are probably the unfortunate-conned-victims – just like how we ended like it).

Back to the Restaurant 99-hunting-part, we didn’t mind paying a lil extra for food that evening (since Restaurant 99 serve seafood as well); everyone seems to be ready for the gluttony fiesta! =D Besides that, we wanted to have something ‘fishy’ that day because it was Fooi Think’s birthday. We were all kinda prepared, so to speak, to spent.

So, when we finally found the place (after 1-hour search I believe), we plunged-in, sat our ass on the designated sits and quickly ordered our food (we were all like hungry ghost) . The dishes was served quite slowly, and we waited for like, hours before the waiters served us our white rice! We had to asked again and again for our rice. All of us got really annoyed and nearly gang-up with those N.O.O.B. waiters and waitresses who served us there. But of course we didn’t. We are civilised people, so, we “played” it differently =P So anyway, our rice FINALLY came to us like almost 100-years late, we gobbled on everything we had on the table. Really, like as if we’ve never eaten for centuries =P

So, after we have happily ate like a horse, we found something really disgusting in the bucket of ice cubes we ordered for our coconut drink.

What we found, you asked?

Well, a gawd-damn soaky-wet tissue paper!

We have no idea if it’s contaminated and trust me, we don’t even want to find out if it is! GOSH. We only realised it was soaking in the aluminium pail when we were  finished the whole bucket of ice. It totally grossed us out and we immediately stopped drinking and eating or even touch anything on the table. Hah! It was that horrible. Go see it, in the auto-slides attached below, for yourself .

(I feel like barfing to even just think of it now…geez!)

After our unsatisfying dinner-disaster, we went for food hunting again and bought my all-time-favorite banana-coconut-chocolate pancake! Sigh…heavenly yummy~ After that, we do some more shopping at the 100Baht per T-shirt shop and then head back to hotel to ZzZz *pig-snores* =D

It was a long day for all of us and we were all exhausted. No doubt.

I’d say the overall day 2 trip was quite interesting. Don’t you think? Especially the part where I nearly drowned (totally ignoring the tissue-in-the-ice-bucket-drama). At least I think it’s not something you get to do very often. ROFL.

Here’s the pixies of our Day 2 trip:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As usual, stay tuned for my Day 3 post! =)


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