Sa-wàt-dee Kaa~! (Post #1)

In Travelings on October 5, 2010 at 4:42 pm

It has been two weeks since I got back from Phuket. So I thought I should blog something about it today.

I have recently joined a group of 11 ‘crazy-bf’s-friends’ to travel to Phuket, Thailand, for a five days four nights trip. I must say, it has been the most exciting yet burning-hot & semi-adventurous trip I’ve ever been to so far.

Day 1 (from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia <–> Phuket, Thailand)

We left home at about 5:45am to LCCT and board on our flight at 7:30am. Everyone got very excited when we finally made our stop at Phuket International Airport later in the morning.

However, the journey from the airport to our C & N hotel near Patong beach was a dragging one. Everyone actually fell asleep in the (hotel) van. But when we were approaching the stretch of Rat-U-Thit Song Roi Pee road, a few of us woke up and spotted on quite a number of restaurants…for our dinner galore in the evening. When it comes to food, no one could resist huh? Lol!

OK, I don’t think I should get too excited over this food-section as yet, so back to the part where we were approaching our hotel; we practically had a shock (well, to me, more like an ‘electric’ shock) when we saw the condition of ‘our’ hotel we booked online (just weeks before we depart to Phuket).

You see, this is the thing about purchasing/making orders via internet/online, you (or rather we) will never know the exact condition of the particular product or for this instance, our hotel in Phuket. We could only rely on photos and perhaps, reviews written by other ‘been-there-before-occupant’. And because of the tech-ie cameras all of us have these days, to deceive one’s eyes, is not a hard thing to do, don’t you think? So yeah, based on the affordable price rate per room per night we saw on the website, we had decided to booked our four nights stay at C&N Hotel (nope, not the resort, but the hotel).

Well, pardon me for the drama and lengthy description about online transactions, I was just making a point there. Honestly, the condition of the hotel was not bad at all on the inside. It has a rather clean lobby, comfortable room (but with crappy TV channels I would say … mostly in translated into Thai language), average cafe service from the waitresses but the food was OK. Like I said, it was a rather comfortable-stay.

So “What’s up with that ‘shock’?” you say?

I think it’s best you have a look at it …

See that cluttered/jumbled/jammed-up electric wires along the road? It’s indeed very near to the building where we were staying. Scary isn’t it?

That was why I got a “shock” to see the condition of the place where we stayed for four nights.  It was even scarier now to recall what we heard (electrocuting-sound) that night when we walk pass one of the electric post =P

Anyway, on the first day when we got there, we had our own activities after our quite-tasty lunch at the restaurant right opposite of our hotel. Couples were seen dating around Patong beach and at Jungceylon shopping mall as well as at the infamous Bangla road in Phuket island. We went out in a group of two and soon got separated into a group of … I really dunno.

A mini group of six of us departed from our hotel (the other five people left the hotel earlier to make bookings for our three-days outdoor activities which costs around 3,000 Baht per person. Just after a few minutes walk, I could feel the heat from top (the sun shining brightly) and bottom (the road). So, we made our first stop at Jungceylon shopping mall. If you fancy Thai crafts and culture-related stuffs, I’d suggest you to drop by to have a look. Loads of variety in here. Eventually, Darrent and I got splitted with the other members of the group because we were busy camwhoring…

Then after a round of window-shopping and one camera-whoring session =P, we head out and walk further down along Rat-U-Thit Song Roi Pee road to do some window-shopping (again) cum price-surveying-shopping. Later on, we went to Patong beach to take a few hot and sunny beach-scenery pictures.

We hang around for a couple of minutes to an hour and soon found ourselves super-dehydrated, so we went to Thai McDonalds and ordered a set of Samurai Thai burger. It comes with a Large soft drink – Coke  (where I remember gulping it like there’s no tomorrow) and french fries. My verdict? The pork meat tasted a lil porky which is not so much of my liking and the chilli sauce is so … weirdly-different from ours. But it was cool tho. Well, despite that, I ate ‘Samurai’ twice (or was it thrice?) when I was in Phuket. Hahaha. I guess I was just so fond of the fact that  McD Thailand serves pork burger … and you don’t get to even see that in Malaysia very often. No, I should say, At all.

Comparing this McD’s Samurai Pork Burger in Phuket, Thailand with the hot steamy pork bun I had in one of the stalls at Macao back in 2008 , I still prefer the one in Macao. Real authentic pork bun minus-ing the porky smell =)

Back to the beach, the weather was extremely humid and even my sweet-pinky-fan didn’t help cooling me down much. The sun was burning my skin that afternoon. I immediately got sun burnt – in the same square-neck-shape as my lil dress I wore that day. Damn.

Anyway, everyone was kinda exhausted after the sunny-city-explore , we decided to check-into our hotel rooms and recharge our ‘batteries’.

As dusk approaches, the ‘crazy-bf’s-friends’ and I began to emerge, and of course, like hungry wolves, we were ready to eat. We went for food hunting and have successfully set our target at Restaurant Number 1; just right across the road (from our hotel). The food we had turned out OK. Not so much on the Tom Yum Kung but I like that green curry chicken!

Hmm … I’m missing you, Green Curry Chicken @@”

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Come back soon to see Day 2 post =)

  1. where is your day 2 post? lol.. been waiting =p

    xoxo sam sau.

  2. LOL. okay. i shal be waiting =D

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