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In Kinky & Witty on September 28, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Have you ever been misunderstood by people you heart the most?

The worse part of being misunderstood is when you say something, it is taken negatively, when you didn’t really mean what you said in the way the receiver perceived it.

… how do you overcome it and talk this over?


Sunset at Bagan Lalang, Sepang Gold Coast

In Travelings on September 3, 2010 at 4:55 pm

This year’s Merdeka celebration was the fun-nest and most memorable one for me. Not only because I get to travel out of the city, I also get to celebrate and enjoy my National Holi-day with my … other half  =)

*blush + shy giggling*

A night before Merdeka day itself was a spectacular one. Darr and me met up with my ex-colleagues from Reed Business (E-Guide) and we went for karaoke session at Neway, 1 Utama to sort of celebrate @Patrick Ang‘s belated birthday (which I only found out later when the other bunch gave him birthday present. Sorry, Pat! No birthday present for you =P).

We had the package where buffet dinner was included as well. The food ain’t great (seriously) and we had to walk/climb up and down (the stairs) from first floor to ground floor for our food. That totally spoiled the eating-mood!

To sorta make up the yucky dinner we had the day before, Darr made me brunch on Tuesday afternoon *love sigh*. He cooked a pot of Korean spicy instant-noodle which was served with two fried cheese sausages, one fried egg and a slice of round-shape luncheon meat to go with it. Also, he also inserted some fresh Chinese brussels sprout in it … simply yummily-delicious!

The best I’ve ever had

Later that evening, he took to me out to a beach-side, about an hour drive from Banting to Bagan Lalang, Sepang Gold Coast to watch sun set. How romantic, isn’t it?? (this is the part where you must nod your head).

Me thinks so too *another love sigh*

Well, knowing both of us, the pro-photographer-wannabes, we carried our cameras along … soon, the romantico-sun-set-journey turns into sunny-sweaty-sunset + beach-photo-snapping session. </3

Although I fell sick two days later (after the few hours trip to Bagan Lalang), I must say, I did enjoyed myself nevertheless. Well, minus-ing the beach-insects bite, the hot and humid sun shining brightly on me, and the sweaty-sticky feeling of “after-sun-burning-my-boobies+ass-effect”  =P   xD

Anyway, back to this trip, Darrent had his DSLR that day, a Canon EOS 550D while I carried my Olympus White PEN EP-1. We were there about 5 PM-ish and was waiting for the sun to set till about 7 PM odd. It has the beautiful scenery, no doubt, but we thought Morib has the better ‘sunset’ =D

The following collection of images was taken during out visit in August 31st of 2010. Please feel free to click-click, see-see and comment!

Lil Two ❤ Birds Getaway

>> Bagan Lalang in Brief

Bagan Lalang is a picturesque seaside village off the Malacca Straits. There, you could see palm trees sway in the breeze and the sun sets in the horizon, behind the waves. There is a jetty where the fishermen dock their boats and unload their daily catch. It is not surprising that its waters are polluted. That being said, it is no bolt from the blue that Bagan Lalang boasts some of the best seafood dishes – and so they say … I’ve never tried it myself. During the days, though, the restaurants are mostly closed. They are on operations late in the afternoon, and stay open until early morning.

The beach stretch for kilometers, and about 25 acres of the area along the beach has been developed to give a splendid touring experience to visitors at Bagan Lalang.

I don’t think anyone, especially Kuala Lumpurians would believe me that the beaches off our state of Selangor has anything to offer, but I beg to differ. Of course you would have to be at the right place and the right time to catch the spectacular sunset that we saw, and I can’t guarantee that you will. But hey, you’ll never know if you never go, right? =)

We were so happy and excited, we even left our sandy-foot-print there~!! Yes, with our nicks as well =D

I gotta get back in scratching my legs and arms (the insect bites….remember?)

Toods~! ^^